Outlook 2013 Security Patch

Comes up with warning box up the top left hand side of Outlook advising there is an issue but also shows Exchange as Offline or Disconnected until this patch is applied.

  • Please close any Office 2013 programs starting with Microsoft Outlook and then if you have any Word / Excel or the like close them also. 
  • Save this file to your usual place for downloads or put it on your Desktop for easy access.
  • If it allows you to run the file let it do so and follow the prompts to install.
  • Alternately once the download has completed double click on the file " outlook2013-kb4011178-fullfile-x86-glb" and follow the prompts to install.
Creation date: 16/03/2022 3:24 PM (blaine@tcpc.com.au)      Updated: 16/03/2022 3:55 PM (blaine@tcpc.com.au)
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